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Our aim is to be of service to the active and retired members of our union and their families.
We hope to  offer you information and resources that will help keep you informed about your
local union, retiree issues and the labor movement in general. We will strive to offer you resources where you can go for the help you may need. We encourage all retired members of Steamfitters
Local Union 420 to join the Retirees Association.



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The 2015 Spring Golf Outing was  held:
Thursday June 18th
Full details on Golf Outing Page

2015 Golf Outing Photo Link

 2015 June Flag Day Luncheon Photos
June Luncheon Page Link


2015 - 911 Memorial Bus Trip Photos
Retirees Bus Trips


 It is with deep regret that we inform you of the following deaths:




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The Retirees Association is looking for:
 Recording Secretary
 Editor for the Retirees Newsletter.
Any of our new members
are more than welcome to try out these positions.

Delaware County, Pa.
Country Squire Diner

Last Wednesday of the Month
Time: 9:00 AM

Contact: Danny McCarrin     D_McC420@hotmail.com

New Jersey
 Penn Queen Diner
1st & 3rd Friday of the month
Time: 9:00AM
Contact: Danny McCarrin     D_McC420@hotmail.com

Bucks County
Suburban Diner
Every Thursday
Time: 9:00 AM
Contact: Joe Henderson  Leaper420@aol.com
for more information



President Joe Henderson Jr. Fishing Trips Ed Klock
Vice President Bill Richard Golf Outings Mike Slattery
Frank X. Coyne
Secretary Tom Hanley Newsletter Tom Master
Treasurer Bill McMullen Web site
Bob Kitchen
Bill Meehan

 If you have had chicken pox you can get shingles.
Drive to Stem Shingles Meets Few Expectations .


Keep Up To Date to receive your Newsletter

    Membership dues are due by January 1, 2014
please mail your dues payment ($15.00 per year) to;

Bill McMullen
1650 Hance Lane
Garnet Valley, Pa. 19060

Make check out to:  SLU 420 RA

Click here : to print a Membership Application for Steamfitters Local Union 420 Retirees Association.
The above address is on the application





Welcome To The New Members of The Retirees Association

New Members Of Retirees Association


Special Note For Veterans
Retirees Member Brother Bob Feldbaum who is a
Veterans Service Officer
gave a talk on the Veteran Disability situations.
If you are a Veteran and have what you think is a disability or illness
relating to your service. Bob asked for you to contact him
@ 610 626 5484.
He will try to help you establish a claim with the VA

Below is a Link to the Vietnam Veterans Virtual Wall.
If you know of anyone and wish to check or leave a message.



Remember Our Military who now serve around the World for our Freedom. Let us keep in Prayer their Family while they serve.



FYI: At the WWII Memorial it was brought to our attention that
there is a registry for those who served during WWII.
That's either served in the Armed Forces or helped
with home front activities such as; defense related industries,
recycling of materials needed for the war effort and more.

Click on "WWII Registry" which will be on the left.
So if you know a family member or friend who served and
wish them to be listed go to the link above.




 Are You Moving
Or Know Someone not Receiving Newsletters and Dues Cards

Please Notify
Jack Tolchin
3468 Vinton Road
Phila. Pa. 19154
OR e-mail
New Address:

New Phone:



Sick List: 

Know of any Member who is known to be Sick or in the Hospital 
You may contact Web Master or Any Officer for all changes
  Web Master contacts: 

Bob Kitchen       mailto:bobkitche@verizon.net 
Bill Meehan            mailto:wmtmee@aol.com

Exposure to Asbestos.

Click here if you have questions regarding your legal rights stemming from exposure to asbestos.



For those interested in purchasing clothing from the Alumni Assoc. pictures and order forms are on:

Trust Go to msn.comfor Maps & Directions


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to e-mail Steamfitters Local Union 420  
  Retirees Association.

Bob Kitchen:      mailto:bobkitche@verizon.net 
Bill Meehan:      mailto:wmtmee@aol.com         



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